Western Digital Live Hub hotel install

This is the first post of connecting tech gadgets while traveling to make yourself truly mobile. This is how to be connected and mobile; the two most favorite things of the monkey.

Lets begin,
The Seagate Live Hub can be the centerpiece of your media center. Is small on the outside but it’s 1 TB hard drive can be packed with most of your digital media files.

In another post we will cover loading content onto the drive.

Lets install it in a hotel room, unpack the basics:
Seagate main unit
Power supply
HDMI cable
(Make sure you open the package first because the HDMI packing requires a knife)

The display must have an HDMI input (the Western Digital also supports component and composite, but HDMI is the easiest and best quality. Plug in the power, change the input of your TV to the HDMI and grab your remote, your files should be ready to play.