Taking a photo on your iPhone is best quality when using the built in camera app, and way safer.

These days camera phones are all being compared to determine which has the best quality. But you should know its not just about the hardware and megapixel size, a lot has to do with the software used to snap the picture. Take a look at the photos below, both taken on an iPhone 8 plus.

This photo was taken with the Line app, a popular way to communicate in southeast Asia.

And here is the same photo taken with the built in Camera app.

Its clearly better, with warmer, realistic colors and detail. Why? Because Apple spends countless funds and time to create software to get the most out of the imaging sensor. These days the hardware and software work together, and companies like Apple and Google want their cameras to be the best, they know many people decide on phones sometimes by the camera alone. So they have the research to make quality software to take the best images. Your social media app spends their time and money researching how to make money with advertising and uses basic image capture, which gives basic quality.

So if you want the best images, use the built in camera camera app regardless of Apple or Android, its designed to give you the best results. Ofcourse some quality apps designed for photography will also give unique and beautiful images with filters. But most social and communication apps may give you stickers and floating rainbows, they are not designed for quality.

Another huge benefit is by reducing apps’ permissions to the camera, you are increasing your privacy on your device.

Preview Adobe Illustrator files on your iPhone, no app required.

Did you know you can preview an .ai file from Adobe Illustrator directly on your iPhone or iPad wihout any extra install or apps? You can preview files emailed to you by following these steps.

Here is an email with attached ai file.

Now just tap on the attachment to download.

You will see this blank screen, so just touch markup in the bottom right corner.

And then you will see the graphic…

You need this portable router if you check in to hotels.

Most hotels will give you a login for their wifi, but sometimes its limited to 1 device. The Hoo Too travel router does a lot of useful things for a small product.

For starters the HooToo Wireless Travel Routerallows you to login to the wifi and then rebrodcasts the signal so you can login your laptop, phone and whatever else you need. You dont need to pay or ask for additional codes.

You will also have a private network in your room so you can continue sharing files, streaming video and everything else a network provides you at work.

Its also a built in battery that can charge your devices.

You can also use it on the go since the battery can be used by the device itself, so you dont have to be plugged in.

Back in your room it charges when you plug in and you dont need the extra charger for you phone, just use the built in usb port. You can even add a 4 port usb splitter to expand the single port it has.
If you want an even smaller version that already has 2 USB ports and built in wall plug, get THIS ONE

Apple vs FBI what is means for the average person.

March 22 will bring Apple to court once again but not for a copyright lawsuit it usually deals with but something much larger. 

The FBI wants Apple to reverse its progress of security on mobile devices, providing them with a back door access to any device. This would mean that regardless of fingerprint locks or any passcodes, the US government would be able to unlock any Apple device it suspects.

This is a difficult decision and one that truly will redefine many things besides Apple’s current stock price. Look at both sides of this argument.

The FBI argues that Apple is helping criminals by not allowing access to devices and is risking the security of the world.

This is further heated by a quote from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance that a criminal described iOS 8 as a ‘gift from God’. 

Apple states that changing the software to allow back door access is destroying security by allowing hackers to exploit it for even more criminal activity.

So you have to ask yourself, would you want there to be a secret way to access all your data without knowing it? A reasonable comparison is when you check your bags in at the airport you lock them yourself. But there is a TSA lock that allows authorities to instantly open any bag. After 9/11 attacks this is a compromise that many of us not only accept but encourage. But how often do you pack ultra sensitive documents or valuables in your checked suitcase?

Your phone is a treasure of information from contacts, emails and browsing history. Which easily holds more such as passport, credit cards and medical records. 

If they pass a law allowing access to your phone is it then acceptable for local police to ask you for duplicate keys to your house in case of national security?

Do you trust goverments enough that they themselves won’t be hacked and this access will not get out to criminals? Look at how many times mega corporations have been hacked and credit cards and other info was taken.

Lastly think of the implications it will have on US based tech business overall. Apple will surely be forced to not develop technology in California. Most Apple devices are already made predominantly overseas anyway. Most other security companies will also leave in fear of degrading customer trust worldwide due to local laws.

Finally our phones will have a new definition of ‘unlocked’. It will no longer mean locked into a carrier like ATT, it will mean any phone bought in the US has a permanent monkey on its back.