Print or save a selection of a website on a Mac

Have you ever wanted to print or save just a single thing off a website without getting the whole page? Well it’s actually very easy to do and you don’t need any additional software with your Mac.

While using Safari, highlight the content you want to save. Here’s a sample of a chart from  Western Digital’s website.

Now from the Safari menu, Services, you can see two choices;

New Note from Selection and New Email from Selection

Safari export

Choosing New Email will pop up your default email with a nicely formatted selection in the body ready to email.

new email

Aside from emailing this, you can also easily copy the selection and paste it into other programs, like Word or TextEdit. So easy to save to your DropBox folder or print it now without all the original web page clutter.


If you had chosen New Note then you would get the selection in Note form which gives you the ability to copy and paste to another program, but more.

Clicking the top right Email button puts the note in an email form.

Also a great thing about the Note is it’s saved in your incoming mailbox.