Internet is so slow but I have full signal on WiFi

The other day someone asked me about their slow Internet speed. They were confused that the speed was so slow in loading videos and even just basic web browsing, but they saw a full signal with their WiFi.
They were surprised when I told them WiFi signal has little to do with speed.

There are many variables when it comes to slow Internet speed, but the number of bars on your WiFi is not a gauge on the speed, it is only an indicator of the wireless signal you are receiving from your wireless router or access point.

If your router is getting a very slow connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), then even at full wireless bars it’s delivering a slow connection. So let’s say your ISP usually gives you 2 Mbps of data, and you are at a medium distance from your wireless router getting full signal.
Then the next day your ISP only delivers half speed or less, say .5 Mbps. You are at the same distance as before, with full wireless bars. You will only get the speed at which your ISP is providing Internet data to you. Your wireless router (or access point) will still give you full bars, but the data it is receiving has slowed so the speed it gives your device will slow too, even though it has full bars. Your device has a strong connection, but your ISP has slowed.

Now if one day you move the wireless router further away then the bars could drop. This could definitely impact the speed.

But the main point is the bars on your laptop or iPad do not indicate what your ISP is giving in speed. The best way to check is with a website or App like, this will truly give you the speed at which your modem is getting data from your ISP.

Speed check apps are also available for your mobile devices.
Android HERE

Read this article to easily reset your modem and router. This can sometimes fix most connection problems, and is recommended to do once in a while.

Maybe its time to change your router. Just like mobile phones, it seems routers have an average life of 3-5 years then they just seem to start to fail or slow down.

Here in the jungle we really like Linksys products, and for around $40 you can get a new basic router without unnecessary features that will be more dependable.