How to remove purchased apps from your iTunes account.

iTunes bloatIt’s very tempting to download free apps from the app store, and try them out. It’s also very easy to delete them from your phone when you decide you don’t like them. But soon your list of purchased apps can become annoyingly long, and why keep apps you’ll never use? You want them gone from your list, here’s how to do that.

There are 2 ways to do this, on your iPad or on your Mac.

First let’s do it on the iPad or iPhone since its also the easiest.

1 Touch the App Store
2 On the iPhone Updates, Purchased.
3 On the iPad you can touch Purchased directly.
4 Find the App you no longer want to see on your account and swipe like you do to erase a message, left or right.
5 Touch the red Hide button that shows.

On a Mac:

1 Open iTunes on your Mac.

2 Click on the iTunes Store on the left side under Library.


3 Now click Purchased on the right side under the Quick Links.


4 Login with your Apple ID.

5 Click Apps at the top left.


6 Find the app you want to remove, when you hover over it you will notice a small X. By clicking that, it will “Hide” the app from your list. Now it won’t show on your devices “purchased list” either.

delete app

You can easily bring back apps, or unhide them. Just Click on your account name at the top right. Then under iTunes in the Cloud click View Hidden Purchases.

view hidden in iTunes

You will see a list of apps you chose to hide, just click Unhide.

unhide app iTunes