Hotel WiFi sharing with multiple devices

We have been looking for the best way to handle all our devices in hotel rooms and its been difficult. Sometimes hotels will give you a password which is good for only one device, but we usually have a tablet, laptop and not to mention our mobile gear. Here’s how the Monkey makes sure he can connect all the gear he needs.

The ZuniConnect Travel Router

This is the best travel router because of its major feature is the ability to create a second WiFi or WISP.
What this means is you will have a private WiFi network for your room that will connect to the hotel’s network.
The beauty in this is first you will have a private network where you can safely transfer files and put all your devices on your network to work together. But more importantly the hotel will only see 1 device on its network, even though all your devices can share 1 hotel login. It works beautifully and you won’t have to ask for more passwords.

Setup is very easy, you just follow the wizard to setup.