How to fix Windows boot errors winlogon.exe and Bad Image messages

We just upgraded our Mac Parallels to version 10 and everything seemed ok. But when trying to boot the Windows 7 image it hangs and displays winlogon.exe, Bad Image.
The Monkey fixed this first by running Mac’s built in Disk Utility and running a Repair Disk Permissions.

That helped to actually boot into Windows but we were still getting an error regarding KbdPrlUS.dll.
After many Internet searches that turned up nothing we figured this DLL was not part of a standard Microsoft Windows install but installed but Mac Parallels software.

So we did a search for KbdPrlUS.dll and found 2 place it existed. We deleted both.

Then restarted and all error messages were gone. We then finished the Parallels install by installing Coherence software. You can tell if this is not installed if there is a yellow warning symbol Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.13.15 PM in the Parallels tool bar. Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.13.53 PM

Be aware that after you click the warning symbol and choose install, you may have to go to your CD drive in Windows and then clicking Install. After a restart Windows should be running in full Coherence mode and blend in with your Mac.