Tomato Ratings

Tomato Ratings is a great app from the Android Market for movies. In the past we used Flixster Movies, but if you just want to see Rotten Tomato’s ratings for movies in a very clean slick interface without all the excess, then this is the app for you.

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Android File and Media Organization

Your Android device can hold all kinds of media from alerts, movies, music, notifications, photos and ringtones This guide will help you organize your media so it will show up in the correct areas such as ringtone selection and also make it easy to backup. you do not have to make the folders exactly in the same structure,…

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SwiFTP is a fantastic free app. It allows you to turn your phone into an FTP server, this allows you or anyone you give the password on your network to temporarily copy files and media to and from your device. No wires, no sync, simple to do.

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